Licensed & Certified Inspectors

Understand The Industry

Each inspection company is responsible for their own code of ethics, standards of practice and continuous education. That leaves you to do your homework as to whether your private home or building inspector is honest, fair and qualified.

Maverick Inspections is a working member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, better known as NACHI or InterNACHI. As such we are compelled to follow the code of ethics and standards of practice of this association. We are also required to accomplish 24 hours of continuous education courses every year. For more info click here:

Did you know that not all “home inspections” are the same?

The use of the term “home inspection” does not mean that all inspectors are performing a similar evaluation of the property. Every inspector relies on his own personal experience, knowledge and understanding of construction. The scope and detail of methods of inspection and reporting vary.

Maverick Inspections spends an average of 2-3 hours on an average size home of 2500 square feet. We are happy to take out time through the inspection to answer questions about the home and it’s components. Every problem found is reported on as clearly as possible and photo documented for your convenience. Our prices are competitive and the quality of our inspection is 100% every time. Contact Maverick Inspections for a free estimate today.