Roof Certification Inspection

A roof certification reports on the condition and lifespan of a roof. 

What is a Roof Certification Inspection?

Insurance companies in Florida are especially interested in the condition of roofs as they approach the end of their 20-year lifespan, or after they sustain hurricane damage. This inspection has the same scope as the roofing portion of a four point inspection.

Our approach to Roof Certification Inspections

A roof inspection is a comprehensive, visual inspection of your entire roof.

Look for Damage

A 30-minute roof certification inspection involves looking for evidence of damage or deterioration.  This could include hail damage, shingle damage, leaks, or granule loss. 

Aerial Drone Video

A drone is used to capture photos of the roof if the roof is constructed of tile or the home has roof elevations difficult to reach. These professional-quality photos can really help put your roof in a positive light!


Quick Reports

Our roof inspection reports are delivered quickly—usually in 24 hours.

Professional Work

When we enter your home, we take pride in showing it the utmost respect.

Our Home Inspection Process

Step #1

Contact us to schedule an inspection for your home at a convenient time.

Step #2

We book your appointment, then send you a copy of our FL license and our inspection agreement.

Step #3

We arrive on time, then your inspection takes about 30-45 minutes on an average size home. 

Step #4

You get your report within 1 business day. (You can review it for up to 5 years on our server.)

Reviews on our Roof Certification Inspections

“Michael Vergara, who is a certified master inspector did a roof mitigation inspection at the house I’m buying. He arrived on time, went to work, thoroughly checked the roof, and climbed into the attic. He was professional and courteous. I highly recommend him.”

—Elizabeth Bennett

“Michael was very thorough and communicated well before, during, and after the inspection. His report was easy to read, and I feel confident in the information he provided. I highly recommend his services.”

—Kimberly Tinetti

Roof Certification Inspections

No worries, you don’t need to be there for the whole inspection. We’ll just need a key to access the house. However, we prefer you are there at the end, if possible. If you are out of town and this is not possible, no problem. The report is photo documented and detailed. Because our reports are so thorough, we get very few calls later.

The price of the inspection depends on the size of the home and the number of stories you house is. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Our reports are highly detailed and they are uploaded online for your review. As long as we have access to the house, we can do a home inspection for a client out of the country.

This inspection takes about 30-45 minutes on an average size home.

We’ll need access to the property, usually by means of a home owner or a Realator. If you have knowledge of any issues before we arrive, it is helpful to provide those to us. If you have any specific concerns, let us know. We’ll give them our special attention.

You can combine the following:

  1. Multiple inspections on one house. (For example, if you need a home inspection, a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection, and an Irrigation Inspection.)
  2. Multiple inspections on various houses. (For example, if you are considering buying a home but can’t decide between two homes—we’ll inspect them both for you and provide reports on both homes to help you make a good decision.)

Upon request, we can provide a list of well-reviewed local contractors that our customers enjoy using.

However, you always hire a contractor at your own risk.

Need a different inspection?

Need a price on an inspection before you book it?