Wind Mitigation Inspection

Interested in a FREE wind mitigation inspection? Find out how to request one through the My Safe Florida Home Program.

What is a wind mitigation Inspection?

A wind mitigation inspection is a visual evaluation of your home’s structural features designed to hold up against high-force winds. If a home has protective features correctly installed, they will help protect the home from strong storms such as hurricanes and tornadoes. These structural features also help Florida homeowners qualify for homeowners insurance discounts by qualifying for wind credits. With the rising cost of insurance, this inspection can lead to substantial savings for homeowners.
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Our approach to Wind Mitigation Inspections

A wind mitigation inspection looks at seven key areas of your home and roof to determine its ability to withstand strong winds and water intrusion.

Construction year

The year your home was built tells a home inspector how strict the building codes were at construction.

Roof to Wall Attachment

The method used to attach the roof to your walls (i.e. single wrap straps, hurricane clips, toe nails, etc.) indicates how protected your roof is from lifting off the walls in the event of high winds.

Roof Deck Attachment

Your roof material (i.e. lumber, plywood, OSB, etc.), the type of nails used on the decking (i.e. 8D, 6D, staples), and how far apart the nails indicate the uplift resistance is of a roof.

Secondary Water Resistance

This indicates the type of underlayment material installed between the roof covering and the roof decking.

Roof Geometry

 The shape and slope of your roof will have a bearing on how high-impact winds will affect your home. We examine the geometry of your roof and analyze its resistence to wind.

Roof Covering

The roof type (i.e. shingle, tile, metal, etc.) and the roof’s age give insight into how it will hold up against winds.

Opening Protection

This identifies whether you have impact-rated protection on skylights, garage doors, windows, and doors.

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How Often Do I need a wind mitigation report?

Your wind mitigation inspection report is good for five years. But if you update your roof, a new inspection is recommended to confirm work was done correctly and to qualify for additional wind credits. Many home owners qualify for deductions they may not even know about. A hip shaped roof alone may give you a deduction of 40% off the wind portion of your insurance premium!

Step #1

Contact us to schedule an inspection for your home at a convenient time.

Step #2

We book your appointment, then send you a copy of our FL license and our inspection agreement.

Step #3

We arrive on time and perform your home inspection. It typically takes about 30-45 minutes on an average size home.

Step #4

You get your report within 1 business day. (You can review it for up to 5 years on our server.)

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take advantage of florida program

The "My Safe Florida Home" Program Is Available

The state of Florida is providing free wind mitigation inspections through a limited-time program called the “My Safe Florida Home” program. Maverick Inspection Services is an approved inspection company providing these wind mitigation inspections, through InterNACHI. We were one of the first inspectors to join the program in 2007 at its start. To find out more, visit MySafeFlorida.

Reviews on our Wind Mitigation Inspections

“Mike is an excellent professional and did a thorough inspection, giving me very good suggestions to improve our home in regards to the Homeowners Insurance deductions. We will definitely use Maverick Inspection Services in the future.”

—Felipe Santos

“Mike Vergara, the owner of Maverick, did a phenomenal job handling the home inspection and wind mitigation reports for the new home we bought. He was prompt and courteous and his price was very reasonable. He has also provided excellent recommendations on other services.”

—Leo Alvarez

“Mike was amazing! His inspection report is extremely detailed and he got it back to us so quickly! I am beyond satisfied with his company, and I will definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a home inspected.”

—Samantha White

Wind Mitigation Inspection

No worries, you don’t need to be there for the whole inspection. We’ll just need a key to access the house. However, we prefer you are there at the end, if possible. If you are out of town and this is not possible, no problem. The report is photo documented and detailed. Because our reports are so thorough, we get very few calls later.

The price of the inspection depends on the size of the home and the number of stories you house is. Please contact us for an exact quote.

Our reports are highly detailed and they are uploaded online for your review. As long as we have access to the house, we can do a home inspection for a client out of the country.

This inspection typically takes about 30-45 minutes on an average size home.

Please have any final permits pertaining to upgrades or updates made to your roof, impact rated shutters, windows, doors and garage doors. This will help us prove you’ve updated these systems properly and put your home in a positive light!

You can combine the following:

  1. Multiple inspections on one house. (For example, if you need a home inspection, a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection, and an Irrigation Inspection.)
  2. Multiple inspections on various houses. (For example, if you are considering buying a home but can’t decide between two homes—we’ll inspect them both for you and provide reports on both homes to help you make a good decision.)

Upon request, we can provide a list of well-reviewed local contractors that our customers enjoy using.

However, you always hire a contractor at your own risk.

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