Wind Mitigation Inspections

A wind mitigation inspection is an inspection of the home covering areas of a structure that help protect it from strong hurricane force winds. If a home has these protective features in place correctly, it can qualify for wind credits with any insurance company in Florida. This can mean a substantial savings for home owners. The average discount in Florida is $300 off the annual premium!

Maverick Inspection Services examines the year the roof was last installed, the roof decking type and method of installation. What type of roof to wall connection was used, and what geometric shape the roof designs. If the home has gables, are they properly braced according to the 2001 building code. What foundation to wall restraint type is used if any and is there a secondary water barrier on the roof. Are all the openings of the home protected with impact rated products.

Many home owners qualify for deductions they may not even know about. If your home has a hip roof alone, that can give you a deduction of 40% off the wind portion of your premium! For more details contact us.

Inspection Needed