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A residential home inspection is a comprehensive, visual inspection of the entire building envelope and its systems, components, and materials used in construction. We complete a thorough evaluation of the entire building including the structure, the foundation and crawlspace, the roof and attic crawlspace, exteriors, interiors, garage, electrical systems, plumbing systems, HVAC systems and any appliances. The inspection also includes an evaluation of the building's exterior vegetation and soil grading and their effects on the building. With this inspection we also help you identify features of the home that help you qualify for home owners insurance discounts, or issues that can make it difficult or costly to qualify for home owner's insurance.

At Maverick Inspection Services, all of our home inspections are performed by Michael Vergara, a Florida Licensed Home Inspector and Certified Master Inspector (CMI) ®. This means we have have been board certified by the Master Inspector Certification Board for completing over 1,000 home inspections and for adhering to the strictest standards for continuous education and a superior code of ethics for inspectors. We are also members in good standing with the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

At Maverick Inspection Services our home inspections include much more than your average home inspection. Our home inspections include a tainted drywall or Chinese drywall inspection to help us identify potential health issues and costly repairs associated with these faulty drywall products. We also include a moisture intrusion inspection with every home inspection to help us find areas of the home that may have damage due to water intrusion or moisture build up, which could lead to mold. To do this we use the most modern tools for evaluating these types of issues. Such as moisture meters and infrared thermal imaging cameras that help locate problem areas with preciseness and specificity.

Once the home inspection has been completed we then complete an easy to read and concise photo-documented report of our findings of the home within 24 hours of completing our inspection. For those with the need, we are fully capable of completing the report on site from our mobile office at the time of inspection. For an example of one of our completed inspection reports, please see the link below.

Click Here for a Completed Example Inspection Report

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