Termite Treatments & Structural Pest Control

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What is Structural Pest Control?

Termites and other pests can literally eat your home from the inside out. We know it’s critical to eliminate these pests quickly and for good—so we have a strategic attack to show them the door. Structural pest control includes the control of wood-destroying organisms such as subterranean termites, dry wood termites, powder post beetles, old house borers and wood-decaying fungi. The practice of structural pest control includes inspecting, identifying, reporting and treating these organisms.
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Our approach to Treating Termites & Other WDO

Pests erode the beauty and stability of your home. We handle them quickly and effecively.


We inspect your home or business from top to bottom, inside and out, for evidence of active or past termite issues. We look for evidence of termites as well as conducive conditions. 


During our inspection we will look for evidence of live or past activity (live termites, swarmers, wings, carcasses, galleries, shelter tubes, exit holes, frass or pellets) as well as evidence of damage (accessible attic framing, interior framing, ceilings, walls or baseboards, furniture and accessible crawlspace framing) in your home or structure. We use infrared cameras and moisture meters to help us detect possible problem areas and provide solutions.  


If no termites are found we can provide you with a preventative treatment quote. If termites are found we can provide you with a recommendation for treatment and an estimate for that service.

Our Treatments for Your Pest & WDO Problems

Subterranean termites

How do we approach treating subterranean termites for you?

By combining a Termidor SC liquid treatment with Trelona’s highly-effective bait stations, we solve your issues with subterranean termites.

• The liquid treatment affects the termites that try to pass into your home around our treated perimeter—effectively blocking the colony.

• The bait stations work great to eliminate termites at the source—effectively eliminating the colony. We follow the labels for each of these products to eliminate Subterranean termites.

• See the attached info on these products: Termidor SC Liquid Termiticide / Trelona Bait Stations.

• Wondering how Trelona compares to Sentricon? You can also read additional info on the Trelona bait stations here: Bait stations

• You can also read additional info on Termidor SC here: Termidor SC

Wood Decaying Fungi

If we discover you have wood decaying fungi, we know how to treat this for you.

The first part of eliminating wood decaying fungi is preventing water intrusion. Once the water source is dealt with, and all wood rot is replaced, the remaining wood decaying fungi in undamaged wood can be treated.Central Florida Home Inspection - Structural Pest Control

Drywood Termites

When our team finds drywood, we use a specific strategy to eliminate it.

By performing a spot treatment or foam injection, we can stop drywood termites from infesting your home or business. However, if the infestation is to extensive – we will recommend you have a fumigation company treat the home by tent fumigation.

Currently, we do not offer tenting or fumigation services at this time.

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Powder Post Beetles & Old House Borers

Powder Post Beetles and Old House Borers need a special kind of approach.

The treatment and control of powder post beetles and old house borers may include a spot treatment if an infestation can be caught early. However if the infestation is too extensive – we will recommend you have a fumigation company treat the home by tent fumigation.

Currently, we do not offer tenting or fumigation services at this time. 

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Licenced Pest Control Experts

Maverick Inspection Services is a Florida Licensed Structural Pest Control Company with the Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services for Termite & other WDO Control. License #JB326364

Our Structural Pest Control Process

Step #1

Contact us to schedule an inspection for your home at a convenient time.

Step #2

We book your appointment, then send you a copy of our FL license and our inspection agreement.

Step #3

We arrive on time and perform your pest control. This may take up to a day on a 2,500 sq foot home.

Step #4

We schedule any follow-up appointments as needed.

Already had pest control company inspect your home or business but they were unable to confirm the source of a termite swarm?

No problem! We’ll find it. Call us now at 321-303-4338 or book your appointment online for an in-depth Termatrac Radar Termite inspection! (Prices are based on square footage and construction type.) Use our modern radar technology to confirm activity, today. You can learn more about Termatrac here.

Reviews on our Termite Treatment & Structural Pest Control

“I have used Mike on a handful of inspections for both myself and clients. He is very thorough, takes the time to explain things, does his best to make himself available and is a true professional. I look forward to working with him again and definitely recommend Maverick Inspection Services!”

—Amanda Grace Pozo

“Mike had been a pleasure to work with, during the process of buying a house it’s hard to find a good honest reliable person. He was thorough and made sure to check everything. He didn’t rush and made me aware of small things that where not a big problem but should fix. He’s communication and attention to detail where excellent. If you need a qualified and amazing company to do inspections, I recommend Maverick inspections service. I will definitely use his services again.”

—Daniel A.

Termite & Structural Pest Control

The short answer? As long as it takes!! A lot of detail goes into our termite inspections. But, on average, a typical 2500 square foot home (in average condition) takes around 1 hour. 

No worries if you can not personally be present for your termite inspection. Many of our clients live out of town or work for a living! 😀 We understand these challenges. We will, however, need access to the whole building to be thorough. Please make sure your designated representative (must be 18 years of age or older) can at least open up for us and be present at the time of inspection.

The price of the inspection depends on the size of the home and the number of stories you house is. Please contact us for an exact quote.

A wood-decay fungus is any species of fungus that digests moist wood, causing it to rot. Some species of wood-decay fungi attack dead wood, such as brown rot or white rot. This is completely different from mold. We do not perform any kind of mold inspection, mold assessment nor any kind of environmental testing for mold.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) regulates and licenses the pest control industry under the authority of the Structural Pest Control Act, Chapter 482, Florida Statutes, and the associated rules, Chapter 5E-14, Florida Administrative Code. 

We use only the highest quality products. Explore these two pest control products that we use below.

Learn about Termidor.

Learn about Trelona.

The short answer again, as long as it takes! Our treatments are designed to be thorough and leave you with peace of mind. But on an average size home or building of around 2500 square feet, the treatment usually takes a day.

We’ll need access to the property, usually by means of a home owner or a Realator. If you have knowledge of any issues before we arrive, it is helpful to provide those to us. If you have any specific concerns, let us know. We’ll give them our special attention.

A termite bond is a legally binding contract between a pest control business and a customer guaranteeing: A regular schedule of ongoing termite inspections during the time that the bond is in place, and treatment for any infestations detected during that period.There are two typical types of bonds provided with some treatments: A Retreatment only coverage, and a Retreatment and repair coverage. Retreatment-only coverage: In the event of live termite activity, the company will retreat at no additional cost. Retreatment and repair coverage: In the event of live termite activity, the company covers retreatment and repairs.
Some of our methods of treatment do include a retreat or a retreat and repair bond. To find out more, call us for a free consultation.

You can combine the following:

  1. Multiple inspections on one house. (For example, if you need a home inspection, a Wood Destroying Organism Inspection, and an Irrigation Inspection.)
  2. Multiple inspections on various houses. (For example, if you are considering buying a home but can’t decide between two homes—we’ll inspect them both for you and provide reports on both homes to help you make a good decision.)

Upon request, we can provide a list of well-reviewed local contractors that our customers enjoy using.

However, you always hire a contractor at your own risk.

Sure, here is a sample report on Wood Destroying Organisms:

Need a different inspection?

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